NWI launches its latest development project for 2016



In 2016/18, NWI​ is launching its latest major project​ that is within the Strategic Plan 2015-2020 ​. Over the last 37 years, we have built and dedicated many clinics to those who have provided service​ and support​ to Africa. These include T​he Sharon Wilkinson ​C​clinic, ​The ​ Father Paul Cunningham ​C​clinic, and the Professor Ronan Conroy ​C​linic. ​ All our Clinics are in remote areas of extreme poverty. ​ One of the most important clinics we have dedicated is to ​​Doctor Joe Barn​e​s, the ​C​o-​F​founder of ​NWI , who is now 101 years old.

We are working in a very difficult time for UK charities, with thousands of charities having closed over the last five years. Over 2 ​,​ 500 Kenyan NGOs have closed down in the last two years. One of the mainstays, of NWI ​International has been the continued commitment of Doctor Thomas Ernst​ over many years​ , For over a decade Dr Thomas Ernst, has served the acutely ill in the ​UK . What many do not know is that during his many visits to Africa he has cared for and supported many thousands of nomads and rural people who live in extreme poverty.​ ​ Thomas has privately supported Child Survival, Malnutrition and Mothers Health for many thousands in Africa. ​ ​

NWI has treated over 260,000 patients in 2015 and our main donor was Dr Ernst. In consultation with the Government of Kenya and the Ministry of Health, we have elected to name our next clinic after Dr Thomas Andreas Ernst, in appreciation of his dedication and compassion in serving those in extreme poverty in Africa.

The Dr Thomas ​Ernst Clinic will serve over 25,000 people near the Tanzanian border, and shall be a lasting testimony to the care and medical sacrifice of a true Physician. For Dr Ernst, this has been a journey of service coupled with deep faith and service without recognition- tion, which we at NWI want to celebrate. Everyone who knows Thomas understands how deeply he cherishes the lost and the hurt. This is why we will honour his name at this clinic in the most remote and poorest area of Africa. It will bear his name forever as a testament to humanitarian love and commitment.

New Year Wishes

Dear friends​ and supporters of ​N​ewW​orld International​,​

we would like to wish you all an amazing 2016. Together with over 300 volunteers from 11 countries we have been able to make enormous contributions to local communities in East Africa and South East Asia ​.​ ​T​ he ​A​ nnual report will be put online over the next couple of weeks thanks to our team of volunteers around the globe. We are trying to create an alternative model to the expensive nonprofit business model of charities and countless NGOs. In real terms we have sourced over a million dollars of practical aid real change in 2015. The report coming out before the end of January 2016 will summarize the power people acting as a team. I am very proud to see how NWI is growing and setting a very simple example of how you can make a difference directly. We have exceeded all of our goals for 2015 and I want to thank all of our friends for their amazing dedication and commitment.