Getting Involved With NWI

There are many practical ways of getting involved with our NWI projects


Fundraising for New World International


There are lots of creative ways that YOU CAN help the poorest of the poor and give a hand to charities helping Africa. For example, through non-profit fundraising, a small group of friends can organise a dinner party, a wine tasting evening, a local event, online fundraising or a karaoke night. Fundraising does not have to be serious; in 2013, a group of students raised over £1000 from a drinking competition. A small group of mothers raised £400 by an action party in their community. One girl raised £700 by selling some of her designer clothes on e-bay. We can share with you most of the alternative fresh ideas and send you a fundraising kit.

About Us

New World International is a Charity registered in the United Kingdom. Charity Registration Number is 1126542. It is fully compliant with British Charity Commission regulations and requirements. NWI is entirely voluntary with no paid staff and all donations go directly to the projects we support.

For more information you can reach the board of trustees at

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