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NWI Malaria Projects


Malaria kills over a million people a year and 98% of these deaths are in Sub-Saharan Africa, with over 300,000 cases a year. It kills more African children than any other disease and the tragedy is that it is so preventable. But it does not end there - even children who survive several infections of Malaria often develop brain damage, anaemia and have increased vulnerability to other diseases.
For £3 we can keep a mother and three children safe with a simple treated bed net. This is a well tested practical way of making sure a family does not contract this deadly disease. We really need your help - £3 is not much to pay for a life!

New Videos Page

We have made it easier for you to find our youtube documentaries by collecting them all and putting them in one page. You may find all of our youtube documentaries at http://nwiuk.org/about-us/youtubes. Everyhting you may need to know about our projects and our partners can be obtained from these videos. We welcome you and your comments on our new videos page.

NWI helps Orphans and Abandoned Children in Africa

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I’m spending my vacation this year outside my comfort zone creating awareness and change, working in projects in Africa with our local partners. We need your help and support to make NWI even more successful in 2014.

Penny ShalesChair, Board of Trustees

Everything you are able to do will help. Even though your input is as minimal accumulated it will become a lot and we all can help to change things. We did our bit in creating this report – now it is your turn, help with what you can offer.

New World International

Working with our friends and partners we focus on key projects identified by the local communities themselves. We need your help to extend these programs in 2014.

Dr Allan Soita NWI Kenya

I am coming from India in 2014 to make my contribution by photographing of NWI and how it changes lifes.

JAM, Indian Photographer

About Us

New World International is a Charity registered in the United Kingdom. Charity Registration Number is 1126542. It is fully compliant with British Charity Commission regulations and requirements. NWI is entirely voluntary with no paid staff and all donations go directly to the projects we support.

For more information you can reach the board of trustees at trustees@nwiuk.org

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