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NWI Water and Solar Projects

NWI are supporting water projects and solar power in remote areas. We need your help. With your help we can expand our water projects and our impact on the most destitute in the world. Five pounds will go a long way to changing somebody’s future but we need your help


Cynthia's story


This is Cynthia's story, very touching and heart wrenching. New World International/ICROSS highlighted her story and helped her in unimaginable ways please watch, comment, rate and subscribe.

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Timeline In The Fight Against Hiv and Aids

colored condoms - farbige kondome

AIDS is the biggest cause of death in sub-Saharan Africa. The statistics make grim reading - 23 million of the world's 34 million AIDS victims live in Africa and of these 1.5 million live in Kenya. According to the UN AIDS Report 2010, around 1.2 million children are orphaned by AIDS in Kenya and 100,000 people die every year from AIDS related illnesses in Kenya. AIDS is the biggest cause of death in sub-Saharan Africa. What can any of us actually do in the face of such suffering? Each of us can start by helping one person at a time. We started with the people living with HIV in the slums or in remote rural areas and talked with them. We listened, we learned through their own language and through their own culture. Together, with our partners, we are there sharing the loneliness, fear, need. Our starting point is a mother, a child, a person in their own real crisis. We work with people, not statistics. We bring people together to support each other and see how this support network grows and reaches out within the communities.

Timeline of our fight against hiv aids since 2009

In 2009, NWI worked closely with Kenyan based charities. As part o that relationship, many frineds of NWI had the opportunity of seeing the suffering of AIDS orphans first hand. NWI friends, brought and distributed over GBP 15,000 worth of practical help (books, shoes, clothes, bedding, bed nets, financial support).

In 2010 with funding from four friends we set up a small but practical response to AIDS orphans.

In 2011, NWI

  • Distributed over 30,000 condoms
  • Supported HIV prevention projects
  • Sex education and safe motherhood projects with its partner ICROSS Kenya.
  • NWI is working to support new initiatives preventing Mother to Child transmissions, harm reduction and needle exchange services as well as female circumcision prevention.
  • Working with commercial sex workers, we are campaigning through awareness activities to de-stigmatise HIV/AIDS and fight discrimination.


  • NWI distributed over 230,000 condoms
  • we supported HIV prevention projects and, together with our partnerICROSS
  • we got involved in sex education and safe motherhood projects.
    NWI is working to support new initiatives in harm reduction, in preventing mother to child transmissions and in needle exchange services.
  • We also got involved in female circumcision prevention as well as working with commercial sex workers. We campaigned through awareness activities to de-stigmatise HIV/AIDS and to fight discrimination.
  • NWI provided supplements to 120 HIV patients

we started with the people living in the slums or deep out in the bush and talked with them. The picture we got was of loneliness, fear – people afraid even to admit their HIV status. So our starting point had to be forget the numbers and remember that every single statistic is a human story in all its heartbreak, desperation, and sometimes triumph. Bring people together to support each other and see how this support network grows and reaches out within the communities.

As it is plain to see, we are working hard to fight Hiv and Aids in Kenya, But if we are going to succed, we need your help. Your generous donations have kept us going througout all these years. we would be glad if you would join us again in the good fight.

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I’m spending my vacation this year outside my comfort zone creating awareness and change, working in projects in Africa with our local partners. We need your help and support to make NWI even more successful in 2014.

Penny ShalesChair, Board of Trustees

Everything you are able to do will help. Even though your input is as minimal accumulated it will become a lot and we all can help to change things. We did our bit in creating this report – now it is your turn, help with what you can offer.

New World International

Working with our friends and partners we focus on key projects identified by the local communities themselves. We need your help to extend these programs in 2014.

Dr Allan Soita NWI Kenya

I am coming from India in 2014 to make my contribution by photographing of NWI and how it changes lifes.

JAM, Indian Photographer

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