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NWI Preventing Water Bourne Diseases In Africa

For over 35 years our partners have worked in Africa in remote rural communities they have decades of international publications and ground breaking changes in preventing water borne diseases. In campaigning for water rights internationally our partners in Africa have created radical change. 100% of all our donations go into projects, your support is essential to our progress.


In the 8 years that we have worked in Africa and Asia New world international UK has reached over 100000 people.


You can see our work on YouTube and you can donate to make enormous different in providing clean water sanitation and hygiene to communities desperately in need of your support.


NWI Uk needs your help to reach our target of helping an additional 10,000 people in 2016. This completely depends on your ability to share with friends the critical work that we are doing. Please check out our donation page and share it with a few of your closest friends this is really essential to our work.

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NWI appeal October 2016 - Water Projects


Dear Friends and supporters of New World International


​We need your help and we need it now. ​ As you know we have been working with ​great success in ​ rural African Communities over the last 8 years​ thanks to your support and participation.​
The international climate of financial recession ​,​ Brexit, global ​instability and concerns in Europe have cut charitable donations by half in the last 18 months. Many small charities in Africa and in Europe have not survived.
We are lucky, 75% of NWI support is volunteer input, donations in kind like skills and and practical support as well as donations of School materials, water tanks, building materials etc. . In the last 18 months we received over £ 70,000 in non cash support. The other side of that has been cash donations fell to an all time low in 2016 to £4,000. We really need your help now. You can also check out our African paterners http://icrossinternational.org/ who have been working in Africa since 1979 As we all know with a 14 % decrease in the value of the pound this has hit all small charities very hard.
This month in October 2016 we are personally asking all of our friends to donate towards our water projects online so we can automatically claim as a UK charity the 25% additional contribution from the UK Government. All charities across Africa are struggling at the moment just as all of our small donors are no longer able to help as they were previously.
I am going to personally ask all of my close friends to anything you can to help us support our communities across which is not something I have requested before in my 37 years in Africa. This is a very difficult time for us ​but it is a lot tougher for the communities and tribal villages we are working with . We are working with communities struggling to survive, they need New World International right now so we need you.
Please go on line and donate now anything at all , no matter how small £5, £10 will make a difference. We are working among communities that have absolutely nothing right now in a situation where the gap is getting bigger. We really need your help.
This is the First time in 2016 that we have actually launched an urgent appeal to help the communities we serve. We need water , thousands do not have clean water. This means we need your direct support, does not natter how small, but we need it now. Please share with any friends that you know would share our passion to create change and even give us the price of a pint, but now is the time.
Thank you so much for your continued support,
Jennah Louise-Salkleld NWI
What has NWI been upto this year?
new world international
new world international health
New World International has been super busy this year working with grassroots, traditional communities and creating global awareness. Thanks to our roving ambassador Jennah - Louise, we have managed to raise more awareness about women's rights and international social justice. Together with all of our partners we are slowly growing and making a bigger impact than ever. This month we celebrate 8 years of community partnerships and sharing with our many friends, our campaigns for sexual rights, the freedom of women and the protection of endangered tribal communities. We realise that our work is only just beginning. An important part of this is creating practical solutions with our growing number of volunteers to make life a little easier for those living in extreme poverty. NWI is, we believe, the future of how International development will evolve. Based entirely on a volunteering system, we are making a radical difference to the day to day lives of villagers and families. We are in the process of creating local community shaded areas for Maasai communities in order for them to have training and simply share community life together. These are being designed by the communities themselves and with your help we can improve the quality of life for so many people in concrete and practical ways. Next week we will be sharing with you, our latest project, and with your help, we will make another contribution to the lives of some of the poorest people on earth.

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I’m spending my vacation this year outside my comfort zone creating awareness and change, working in projects in Africa with our local partners. We need your help and support to make NWI even more successful in 2014.

Penny ShalesChair, Board of Trustees

Everything you are able to do will help. Even though your input is as minimal accumulated it will become a lot and we all can help to change things. We did our bit in creating this report – now it is your turn, help with what you can offer.

New World International

Working with our friends and partners we focus on key projects identified by the local communities themselves. We need your help to extend these programs in 2014.

Dr Allan Soita NWI Kenya

I am coming from India in 2014 to make my contribution by photographing of NWI and how it changes lifes.

JAM, Indian Photographer

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New World International is a Charity registered in the United Kingdom. Charity Registration Number is 1126542. It is fully compliant with British Charity Commission regulations and requirements. NWI is entirely voluntary with no paid staff and all donations go directly to the projects we support.

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