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New world International Projects: HIV/AIDS
New World International: HIV/AIDS project
New World International: HIV/AIDS project


Aids is the biggest cause of death in Sub-Saharan Africa.In 2013,
NWI distributed over 230,000 condoms, we supported HIV prevention projects and, together with our partner, ICROSS , we are involved in sex education and safe motherhood projects.

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Welcome to the new improved NWI site

From left to right: Wycliffe, Johnson and Gabriella

Hi, my name is Wycliffe, I am the one on the left with the binoculars, with me are Johnson who is a member of our sister organisation and Gabriella, who is our newest volunteer at New World International. I have been volunteering with New World International for about a year and a half now. It has been a pleasure working to remodel the NWI  website because in doing so I am doing my bit to help eliminate poverty in Kenya, and poverty in Africa at large, by spreading NWI's cause on the web and thus creating more awareness to people. In the short time I have volunteered with NWI, I have seen first hand how their life giving projects help thousands of people in rural desolate areas. You can find out more about projects on the projects page. The sheer dedication of NWI makes me want to be a better person and help people more. You should also join me, come on... lets make the world a better place.

I have also worked on the new New World International blog, and you can view and follow it here

Your feedback about the new site is welcome, also if you run into any broken links please report to info@nwiuk.org


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I’m spending my vacation this year outside my comfort zone creating awareness and change, working in projects in Africa with our local partners. We need your help and support to make NWI even more successful in 2014.

Penny ShalesChair, Board of Trustees

Everything you are able to do will help. Even though your input is as minimal accumulated it will become a lot and we all can help to change things. We did our bit in creating this report – now it is your turn, help with what you can offer.

New World International

Working with our friends and partners we focus on key projects identified by the local communities themselves. We need your help to extend these programs in 2014.

Dr Allan Soita NWI Kenya

I am coming from India in 2014 to make my contribution by photographing of NWI and how it changes lifes.

JAM, Indian Photographer

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New World International is a Charity registered in the United Kingdom. Charity Registration Number is 1126542. It is fully compliant with British Charity Commission regulations and requirements. NWI is entirely voluntary with no paid staff and all donations go directly to the projects we support.

For more information you can reach the board of trustees at trustees@nwiuk.org

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