Many schools and clinics are miles away from the national grid and the only available fuel is either charcoal or bottled gas. Charcoal involves cutting down trees causing deforestation, desertification and soil erosion, while bottled gas is expensive, requires transportation and runs out. However, one thing there is in plenty in a Maasai boma is animal and human waste (biogas). This is a vital alternative fuel which can be used for cooking, or running a generator. The only by-product? Pure organic fertiliser which can be used on crops.

Thanks to Biogas International ( NWI has installed a biogas digester at Ilkilorit Primary School, in what we hope is the first of many such installations in far flung schools and clinics. School children bring in wheelbarrow loads of dung, mix it with water and feed it into the digester. Heat and sunlight does the rest. NWI promotes renewable, clean and free energy sources! Biogas helps protect natural resources.

Biogas production is ingenious, clean, renewable and free - and very very green. Cow power!! Cow power!! Pure methane gas is fed into a pipe which fuels a cooking stove. Ingenious, clean, renewable and free - and very very green.

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