Most of us take water for granted. We turn on a tap and out pours clean fresh drinking water. We can quench our thirst, wash ourselves and our clothes without a second thought. But, we are a lucky minority. Over 2.6 billion people worldwide have no basic sanitation. Over 1.1 billion do not even have clean water. According to UNICEF, almost half of people in developing countries suffer at any given time from problems caused by dirty water and lack of sanitation. Diarrhea caused by unsafe water is one of the biggest killers of children under 5 in Africa.

Lack of water, of course, causes lack of food too and in some areas where we are working, over 35% of children are malnourished. So with the government and other charity partners, we provide high energy protein, ready to use foods with fortified supplements, as well as improved maternal nutritional care.

NWI is working on both short and long term solutions. With your help we provide water tanks for schools and clinics, water purification chemicals to make drinking water safe and jerry cans to help families save and carry water.

About Us

New World International is a Charity registered in the United Kingdom. Charity Registration Number is 1126542. It is fully compliant with British Charity Commission regulations and requirements. NWI is entirely voluntary with no paid staff and all donations go directly to the projects we support.

For more information you can reach the board of trustees at trustees@nwiuk.org

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